Community Service

Making an impact in our seniors’ lives

Simply giving your time and conversation can already mean the most to seniors. Some senior’s health prevents them from getting out and socializing. Hence, they spend most of their time in their nursing homes, which can sometimes cause them to feel lonely and isolated. Family Bridge, Inc. aims to change this through Community Service. We send friendship units composed of 2 youths and 1 adult volunteer who will sit, talk, and engage seniors in meaningful conversations, activities, and programs.

Become a Volunteer

You can help change a senior’s life by becoming one of our volunteers. At the same time, you can learn valuable stories, lessons, and experiences from our seniors during your visits. Join Family Bridge, Inc. in our mission now and be a volunteer.

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8030 Spivey Rd. Jonesboro, GA 30236
Phone Number: 706-507-3076
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Family Bridge Inc. COVID guidelines during distribution:

• Wear a mask

• Use hand sanitizer provided at the entrance

• Follow CDC guidelines

If you are in need to receive food resources and are experiencing covid symptoms; Please call 706-507-3076 to have a box prepared upon your arrival. 

Contactless pickup is available at the exit doors. 

Visit the CDC’s guidelines for more information